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A powerful start to creating your Unity 5 Third Person & Top Down controller. Specially designed for humanoid characters.

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Climb Anything!
Climb objects, trees, terrains, mountains, anything with a collider. Animations included. No setup needed!

Swim Anywhere!
Includes underwater effects, swim controls, & animations. Setup in the Editor without code.

Slide under gaps!
Slide under objects with gaps, such as tables, rock formations, and more. Collisions are handled automatically. See the demo video for an example (around the 4 min mark).

Rigidbody controller interacts with other objects, naturally. Dash through a crowd, knocking everyone over. Jump over firepits, affected by gravity. Have fun with it!

Includes basic shooting script with physics-powered bullets.

Other Essential Features:
+ Full C# Source Code w/ Comments
+ Offline PDF Documentation
+ Seamlessly transition between 3rd Person & Top Down mode
+ 360 direction movements
+ Advanced Mechanim Controller w/ Avatar Masks
+ Free prototyping animations included
+ Free humanoid model included
+ Pre-built demo scene for prototyping
+ 100% Code-driven, physics-powered motions. Fine-tune movements at runtime using code and physics.
+ Physics-powered sliding / dashing
+ Crouching w/ auto zoom-in effect & ceiling detection
+ 3 Jump modes: Walking jump, running jump, idle jump
+ Underwater effects
+ Easy to use your own custom models
+ Use our controller as-is & tweak without coding. Or use it as a great starting point for your custom controller.
+ Built-in Silver AI integration

Programming Experience Needed?
If you decide to use the controller as-is, you may do so without any coding knowledge, since many variables can be tweaked right in the Unity editor. Models & Animations can also be replaced easily.
However if you want full customization, you must be experienced with C#.

+ Unity 5.4+ (no Unity 4)
+ Humanoid & Mechanim-Enabled model
+ Your project must not rely on Root Motion as motions are completely code-driven and physics powered.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Elite Player Controller Unity5 Install.zip 137 MB